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Transformative Dental Cleanings & Implants

Get that clean and refreshing feeling in your mouth with meticulous dental cleanings from Miller General Dentistry in Mooresville, North Carolina. We provide various beneficial services, such as stunning dental implants.

Dentist Cleaning


Our company leader, Dr. Miller, recommends cleanings every six months. The appointment for cleanings includes an exam, X-rays, cleaning, and fluoride. Dr. Miller uses these X-rays to make sure there are no underlying problems that need attention.

To best meet your needs, our office offers many types of fillings. The most popular filling type we offer is the composite. Composite fillings use the "tooth colored" filling materials, which makes them less noticeable by blending in with the other teeth.

The other type of fillings that our office provides is amalgam fillings. Amalgam fillings are the silver-colored fillings. This option is generally used on the back teeth where it is less likely to be seen.

To achieve maximum aesthetics in oral health, we focus on restoring implants and work closely with oral surgeons and periodontists. Our skilled staff can replace single teeth or multiple teeth as well as provide full-mouth rehabilitation.

Partials & Dentures
If you are missing teeth or anticipating having teeth removed, we're the place to go. Our forward-thinking company is up-to-date with the many positive changes that have developed in the materials and technology for partials and dentures. Unlike partials or dentures from the past, our advanced products come in traditional metal as well as flexible material, which is highly aesthetic and implant-supported.

Porcelain Crowns & Veneers
Many other dentists install porcelain crowns and veneers that significantly change the shape and color of your teeth. In extreme cases, these damaging installations cause the tooth to require extensive rehabilitation. When you receive high-quality crown or veneer installations from Miller General Dentistry, your precious teeth will be damage-free and look as good as the originals, if not better.

Contact us to make your teeth look as good as new with our attractive dental implants.